Blog 2: Summer Camping

If you've ever noticed the trend, camping is always at the peak of its popularity during the summer season because of a few important reasons.

Not only are children out of school for a good two months but the weather is exceptional. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks is that campsites and campgrounds are considerably more difficult to reserve which means that booking in advance is pivotal to your overall camping experience.

It is also important to be physically prepared for summer camping. Constant exposure to the sun can lead to heatstroke, sunburn and even dehydration which means staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is especially important along with protecting yourself from the heat using sunscreen.

Insect repellent should also not be dismissed as spending time outdoors means exposure to nature's pests, particularly mosquitoes.

Here are some additional tips to make for a better summer camping experience:

-Bring lots of water to stay hydrated.

-Try to avoid hiking and being overly active during extremely hot temperatures.

-Stay in the shade if possible and don't expose yourself to the sun for too long.

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