Blog 4: Building a Campfire

What could be more fun during a camping trip than sitting around a campfire with family and friends at night under the bright shining stars? Building a fire is quite easy but it's important to do so responsibly so as not to damage the natural environment.



Finding an area which is suitable for building a fire is especially important. In the wilderness it can be a bit more tricky as opposed to an actual campsite. It's important to follow the rules as laid out by park rangers and to find a site which is not too close to forested area, particularly bushes, and also not too close to a rocky area. It's also necessary to make use of a fire ring if provided but in the case that it isn't, stones will do the trick to help contain ash.



You can get firewood from your natural surroundings and it's ideal collecting twigs and branches which are suitable for a campfire. It's also recommended that you bring firewood with you in the chance that wood is not readily available in the area.


Light a Fire!

Building a fire requires a little bit of experience in truly getting it right but the process is relatively simple. A fire will burn properly with the aid of several pieces of wood along with heat, air, and fuel. First thing needed is tinder which can be twigs, leaves, paper, wood shavings or pine needles. Followed by that is kindling which is mainly smaller sticks and then ultimately firewood which is larger wood to help maintain the fire. To construct the fire, simply lay the kindling over the tinder in a criss-cross pattern while ensuring not to build too many layers as fire requires air to burn. There should be a small amount of room at the very bottom (the base) in order to light the tinder. Once lit, simply adding firewood will help keep the fire burning. Safety is important so it's wise to not leave the fire unattended nor allow inexperienced people or young children to maintain it. Fire should be handled responsibly which means only those who are experienced in creating and maintaining fire should be supervising it.


Extinguish Your Fire

Making sure a fire is extinguished is extremely important. Use water to snuff out the hot kindles and cover it with earth if need be. Carelessness could lead to spreading wildfires so make sure your fire has been put out completely.

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